Fastly Web Acceleration for Business Insider

Business Insider (BI), founded in 2007, is the largest business news site on the internet. It has seven international editions and 40 million monthly visitors.

The website is a subsidiary of Axel Springer, Germany’s largest publishing house, and is owned by Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO. It publishes original content and repurposes material from other outlets. The site also uses native advertising and maintains a liberal policy on anonymous sources.

Axel Springer acquired a majority stake in the company in 2015. As of October 2020, Business Insider had a staff of over 1,000 and a revenue of approximately $200 million per year.

BI’s global readership is a testament to the quality of its content and its editorial staff, which includes several seasoned journalists who know what they’re doing when it comes to breaking the latest corporate news and trends. In addition to its aforementioned news coverage, the site boasts¬†full story a number of features aimed at enhancing the user experience including interactive articles, podcasts, and social media content.

As the business world continues to transform, BI is committed to keeping pace with these tectonic shifts. That means delivering a high-quality web experience across multiple devices, including mobile. It also means offering a slew of features and content geared toward different audiences, ranging from readers who are just starting their careers to those looking to reimagine the way they work.

To keep up with the demands of a modern newsroom, Business Insider needed a fast and scalable content delivery network (CDN) that could handle their burgeoning global traffic. Powered by Varnish, the industry’s leading web acceleration technology, Fastly provided a solid foundation to meet that need and more. The product also offered Business Insider a robust dashboard that highlighted metrics like the percentage of requests per second, hit ratio, and errors in real time.

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