How to Avoid Expired Registration in Alberta

Driving without a valid vehicle registration is illegal in Alberta, and it’s a fine that could cost you more than just money. Vehicle registration is a legal requirement in the province, and it’s important to know when your registration is set to expire so you can renew before you are liable for a fine. The vehicle registration renewal process is simple if you keep track of the date and stay informed about the requirements to maintain compliance with the law.

Expired registration is one of the most common reasons for an Alberta driver to receive a traffic ticket. It can lead to serious consequences like losing your licence and vehicle. In many cases, you’ll be able to renew your license and register your vehicle online or in person. However, if you’re in the middle of a renewal or have changes to your name due to a marriage or divorce, you’ll need to visit a registry office in person to get the job done.

Since the provincial government stopped sending out registration reminders in April, the number of tickets issued for expired registration has shot up. Southland Registry staff say they’re hearing complaints from customers who didn’t know their renewal month and didn’t sign up for email reminders.

The government said it would remind people with radio and print ads, but they still aren’t reaching everyone who needs a reminder to renew their licence and registration. If you’re not sure when your registration is due, you can find the information in your Alberta insurance card or by checking the vehicle registration expiry chart.

Unlike in some jurisdictions, driving with an expired http://techbattel.com/inside-calgary-registries-ne-a-closer-look-at-services-and-solutions/ registration typically does not result in demerit points on your record. The province does not use a demerit point system, but accumulating too many infractions can impact your licence. If you do drive with an expired registration, you will be subject to a minimum $230 fine.

A good way to avoid a hefty fine is to mark your renewal date on a calendar or digital reminder app. If you use a smartphone, set a notification for your registration renewal well in advance of the expiry date to prevent forgetting or being caught by surprise. You can also make a checklist of important dates and tasks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, including your registration renewal.

If you’re visiting Alberta to work or study, you can use the registration and plates from your home jurisdiction until you can take up residency in the province. But if you’re planning to live in Alberta permanently, you must have your vehicle registered within 90 days of establishing residency.

To register a vehicle in Alberta, you’ll need a pink card of Alberta auto insurance (which must provide public liability and property damage coverage), your current Alberta driver’s licence and your expired licence plate or registration document. If you are a joint owner, both of the registered owners must attend the registry office together. Otherwise, an authorized representative who has signing authority may come in to complete the registration process. They must have the Alberta driver’s licence and valid insurance for the vehicle, as well as an authorization form found here (*link to auth) that is signed by both of the registered owners.

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