ADANA İcradan Satılık Ev

Dosya No:2009/5797 TAŞINMAZIN
Açıklama:ADANA İcradan Satılık Ev
Muhammen Bedel/Takdir Değeri:95.000,00 TL
1. Satış Fiyatı (%50 indirimli):47.500,00 TLSatış Tarih: 03.08.2010 Saat : 09:30
2. Satış Fiyatı (%50 indirimli):47.500,00 TLSatış Tarih: 13.08.2010 Saat : 09:30

İlan Metni :

TC Example No. Directorate ADANA 13.İCRA: 27 * Number of file NO: 2009/5797 of Immobile ADANA 13.İCRA ANNOUNCEMENT ON INCREASE to DECISION TO SELL DATA MANAGEMENT from the G.Securities of the Deed REGISTRATION: Adana Province, Çukurova County, Kurttepe Village, 126 Skin, 12 466 pages, 5767 island, 16 plots in the 41/1670 plot participating B block l.kat number 2 independent sections in the immovable Immobile the Mevkii AND CARPET READY Status: Sale Subject to real estate; Güzelyalı neighborhood, Turgut Ozal Bulvari 81162nd streets Hope Apt.B Block kat.l two-door numbered independent portion apartment dwellings as being the flat North-South-East facing and reinforced concrete skeleton style was built.residential is located apartment her times two flats and three room, a living room, pantry and kitchen, wc, bathroom and balcony as yapılmıştır.Meskenin walls plastered satin painted kartonpiyerli is.grounds Ceramic Tile, doors, hardboard coated the windows of PVC cut should.Kitchen floors Ceramic Tile, marble countertops and lower Upper Cabinets Stock Cabinets , ise kaplamalıdır.Banyo fully tiled floor tile coating seramik.duvarlar, Hilton lavabolu.klozetli yapılmıştır.WC as ceramic floors, Coatings, Hilton washbasin with tiled walls are coated with conventional toilets and walls.Flat on the floor 145-M2 alanlıdır.Taşınmazda floor easement Plant edilmiştir.Şehir center distance will be considered on the floor 81 163 and 81 162 street intersection corner High School street 100 meters doğuda.Turgut Özal Boulevard 50 feet north far away around the much Storey with zoning dense apartment settlements and shopping and is centers and sites in the gentrified neighborhood of Reconstruction Status: Adana Çukurova District Municipality Property expropriated and Mapping Directorate 6.15.2010 Date and 1423-14-836 No. Reconstruction throughout the subject real estate development plans, the "2.40 DENSITY COMMERCIAL" as the field In where I have been reported.Immobile the Muhammad PRICE: Sales Subject to immovable Municipal services benefit is that the survey, a full participating create, Easy to be sold in the region that the issues be taken into consideration when the local fair and Scholars Industries prepositions prices land shares Included 95000.00 .- TL.muhammen at a price of will be sold.SALES TERMS of Sale subject property 1 of thesale of 8.3 / 2010 on Tuesday: / ADANA at Auction by yapılacaktır.Bu increasing the estimated value of 60% and preferential creditors have claims mecmuunu and sales expenses to go 9:30 and 9:40 the New Courthouse building 5.kat 408 No. odaSeyhan provided tender olunur.Böyle A price with the BUYER volente Most art Originator's commitment to care to stay in condition with the above-written real estate 13 / 08 / 2010 on Friday, the same place and at the same time 2.arttırmaya çıkartılacaktır.Bu in enhancing the preferential creditors will take Sales and expenses exceed the requirements and Muhammad costs 40% finds the tender shall be.Boyle's more worth the BUYER volente sales demand will fall.2 -) Art to participate in plan on the estimated value of 20% retainer veya flux amount of national AN the bank unconditionally, EXACT and permanently bonds to give lazımdır.Yabancı currency quoted daily changes that, and 805 of Law 1.maddesine preposition "different funds" as security for Kabul edilmez.Satış spot is, BUYER wants 10 DAY not to exceed mehil verilebilir.KDV, Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees and expenses l/2si, distribution expenses borne by the buyer, and half Deed Industries mortar Tellaliye.Taşınmazın evacuated separately from the Dogan accumulated tax debts sale price is paid.3 -) Mortgage Owner creditors and other interested persons (*) THIS on rights of private with interest and costs about the alleged basis documents (15) Real Estate over the five day time to report is necessary into our apartment.Otherwise, the rights Land Registry and CT unless shared without the exclusion will be.4 -) Sales price of the deadlines in the tender price is not paid if the species.'Nun 133.maddesi feshedilir.Taşınmaz tender in accordance with the provisions of the LAW İİK be removed by the re-sale. "The 129 / 2 The provisions of Article by Most prices lie with the tendering olunur.iki tender from the difference between, OTHER damages plus default interest from the sale of corrupt ones and the guarantor of responsible will be held, and met Price legitimate interest in Association with provision Hacet without them ICRA Dairesince charged shall be.Ayşe Difference If you have primarily cover the cost of shall be collected.5 -) Specifications Ilan since everyone can see the Click office open, and costs if given asking recipients A sample can be sent.6 -) Sales announcement concerning the deed recording the written address, the notification was sent to, and address notification failing in Tense ' lerde addresses are unknown in this sale declaration İLANEN notification instead Kaim to be announced.7 -) Sales to participate who plan specifications have seen and münderecatını Kabul deemed to have the to any further information would like to receive those 2009/5797 Principles Limited number of files with the number Directorate admitted to Ilan to become.2010/06 / 14 (ic.. K. 126) Regulation Sample No: 27 (*) related the expression to the easement rights holders also are included that met real estate sales ads related to the communiqué had the characteristics of case.*: Ayse sample met the previous application used in Example 64 corresponds to the regulation of .B: 44 038