Playground markings are a fantastic way for schools to bring learning outdoors

Playground markings are a fantastic way for schools to bring learning outdoors, adding an exciting and interactive element to the curriculum. Rather than traditional playground painting, which can be more time consuming to apply and not as durable, thermoplastic markings are a far better choice.

Thermoplastic is made from a plastic sheet material that’s cut into lines and shapes, then heated until it bonds with the surface. It’s more expensive than paint, however, the longevity of thermoplastic marks – up to 10 years – makes it an excellent long term investment for schools. It can also be used to create intricate school markings that may not be possible with paint, such as a large bespoke school logo.

Traditionally Playground Markings were chalk-marked patterns and games, such as hopscotch or noughts and crosses. These are still popular in playgrounds today, especially with younger children. However, a new generation of playground markings has come onto the market which are a much more sophisticated option. These are known as thermoplastic playground markings and can be customised with your school’s logo, colours and designs. They are much more durable than paint, so they will stand up to the rigours of outdoor play and won’t deteriorate quickly in sunny weather.

Aside from the obvious physical benefits of playground markings, they have a great range of social and mental health benefits too. Providing kids with the opportunity to play with friends and interact with a variety of other children is key to developing positive social skills. Playground markings can help children to form strong friendships with kids who have similar interests, as well as allowing disabled kids to interact with kids just like them, enhancing their social interaction and self-esteem.

Many playground markings can be incorporated into the curriculum, with sports and fitness markings suited to PE lessons, while educational markings such as world map, solar system, alphabet spiral and multiplication grid solid one to ten markings can be used during numeracy and literacy lessons. This is an ideal way to reinforce classroom learning and make it more engaging for pupils of all ages.

Another major benefit of playground markings is that it helps to combat childhood obesity. Research shows that kids need around an hour of exercise a day and many don’t get this at home. Playground markings are a great way to encourage kids to be active at school, getting them to exercise during break times and lunchtimes in a fun and engaging environment. Thermoplastic playground markings are a valuable addition to any school, encouraging more pupils to be physically active and helping them develop the key physical skills needed for the future.

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