The Truth About Diamond Bracelets

When it comes to gifting the person you love, bracelets are one of the most meaningful options for expressing your affection. If your love is a jewelry lover, a diamond bracelet is sure to delight them and will remind them of you whenever they wear it. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or just another special occasion, giving your loved one a bangle or line bracelet is a wonderful way to show them how much they mean to you.

While purchasing a piece of jewellery is often an emotional process, there’s also a lot to consider when making a purchase. That’s why Marketplace decided to go undercover and test the sales pitch at Canada’s top value retail jewellers. By posing as customers, our team was able to capture many instances of false claims and inconsistent diamond grading reports, all of which could lead to an unsatisfactory jewellery experience.

We visited Peoples Jewellers, Ben Moss Jewellers Calgary diamond jewelry shops, and Michael Hill at three locations each in Ontario and Alberta. Our secret shoppers found that associates were quick to give replacement values for the grading reports of the diamonds they were selling, which were often considerably higher than the bracelet’s sticker price. Many also offered these value comparisons as proof that their products were the best in the market.

While Peoples and Michael Hill told Marketplace they are members of organizations that comply with Kimberley Process guidelines, none of them were able to tell us where their diamonds came from or how they are mined. This is a concern, because these retailers make a significant amount of their revenue from selling diamonds.

While it’s not yet possible for Canadians to buy diamonds that are sourced ethically, we suggest you ask your jeweller for the grading report of any item you’re considering purchasing and always have it independently appraised and re-graded if you suspect it is not what you paid for. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, most jewellers have a returns policy.

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