What are snagging services?

When purchasing a new build property, a snagging survey is highly recommended. It itemises any outstanding issues with a newly constructed property and helps you to resolve these issues before you move into the property. This can avoid a lot of conflict between the new home buyer and property developer. It is also a good idea to have a snagging survey done before completion of the property purchase, rather than waiting until you have moved in and the developer is less likely to help.

The definition of a snag is anything that doesn’t meet a required standard. This could include a door that doesn’t close properly, paint splashes on windowpanes or poor workmanship on a worktop or skirting boards. More serious snags might be issues that fail building regulations or that pose health and safety risks.

A snagging company near me is a group of professionals who specialise in checking for problems with new build properties. They are often highly experienced, and their services are generally considered to be worth the money. They will inspect your property, and then create a detailed report listing all of the items that need to be addressed. They will also give you advice on how to get the issues resolved.

Snagging companies typically charge between £300 and £600 for their services. It is normally the homebuyer who foots this bill, but it is possible to add the cost of a snagging survey to your purchase contract. Some mortgage providers offer this service, so make sure to ask your mortgage advisor about it.

You can also have a snagging inspection conducted after you move into your new home. However, this is not ideal, as the property developer may refuse access to professional snaggers or be unable to remedy any problems found. In this situation, you should consult your conveyancer, who can try to negotiate with the property developer or invoke your legal rights under the New Homes Warranty in order to secure access for the survey.

When should I have a snagging survey carried out?

The best time to have a snagging survey is between the end of construction and your legal completion date. This will give the property developer a chance to fix any snags before you move in and it will also reduce any stress and inconvenience that might be caused by moving into a new build home with a long list of snags.

It is essential that you hire a qualified professional snagging company to carry out the inspection. This is because they will have industry experience that most buyers don’t have and they will be able to spot problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. They will also be able to advise you on the best way to get the snags fixed by the property developer. You can also save money by choosing a snagging company that offers a discounted rate for first-time buyers. This can be as much as 50% of the normal price.

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