What to Look for in a Christian School

Choosing a school is one of the most significant decisions parents make for their children. Many parents choose Christian schools because they want their children to be educated with a Christian worldview. They also expect academic excellence and a high standard of learning. To meet these high standards, Christian schools need to invest in their teachers and students. They must offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes engaging textbooks, high-quality materials and day-by-day lesson plans. In addition, schools need to set the right tone in their classrooms by teaching character development.

A Christian school is an educational institution Beaverton Christian School that is established to provide a broad education in all branches of knowledge, using the Bible as its primary source of authority. Its purpose is to develop the whole person and to prepare students for service to Christ and His kingdom. It is committed to the belief that God created all things and reveals Himself in His Word, which is inspired and infallible. In every subject, Christian schools teach the truth about all aspects of creation and the human person. They believe that God is the sovereign Lord and Redeemer of all creation, and that He has ordained that His Word governs all areas of human activity.

As a private institution, Christian schools are not funded by government grants or taxes and require students to pay tuition. This allows them to hire the best teachers, use the finest books and maintain classroom discipline conducive to learning. They seek to achieve the highest possible academic excellence in order to prepare students for the challenges of life and the responsibilities of adulthood. They insist that all instruction must be based upon and in accordance with the inerrant and divinely inspired Word of God, which is the only authoritative source of knowledge.

A quality Christian school will emphasize the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. The school is an extension of the home and must cooperate with parents in shaping their child’s character and behavior. It is also the school’s responsibility to help parents fulfill their biblical mandate to educate their children.

An excellent Christian school will promote an academically challenging curriculum, preparing students for the next level of their education. It will encourage critical thinking, a skill that is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. It will also teach students to think about issues and problems from a biblical perspective.

A Christian school will be led by people who are committed to the Christian faith and who possess the necessary skills and experience to lead effectively. A Christian school is not just a place for students to learn; it is an opportunity for believers to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to their students and to the wider community. Research by Cardus shows that graduates of Christian schools are more outwardly focused and committed to their family, church and larger society. They donate more money, volunteer more often and participate in relief and development work.

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