Disposable Email Domain Detection

Email validation tools are able to identify disposable email domains by using up-to-date databases of these kinds of email addresses. When an end user signs up for a newsletter or other online service, the tool will automatically check this new email address against these databases to see if it is a disposable email domain. This helps prevent marketing emails from being sent to invalid or shady email addresses. It also helps prevent the delivery of spam or phishing messages to these email addresses, and it ensures that the brand is only communicating with valid subscribers.

Disposable email addresses are created for one-time use only, and they are often used by people who want to avoid receiving too many marketing emails in their official inboxes. However, they are also widely used by hackers and cybercriminals for various shady activities, including phishing attacks, money laundering, and other forms of fraud. As a result, it is important for businesses to have an email verification tool in place that can detect and block these types of addresses before they get into the hands of malicious actors.

The process of checking a disposable email domain disposable email domain detection is relatively straightforward with most email validation solutions. The first step is to locate and download a list of disposable email domains. Several of these lists are available for free on websites like GitHub and repositories such as Blocklist. Once you have the database, search for the specific email address you need to verify. In this example, we will use jobacrabaunne-7503@yopmail[.]com to check if it is a disposable email domain. Typically, you will need to press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to do this. If you find the email domain on the list, then it is likely that it was created through a disposable email address provider.

Some email validation tools also feature a real-time disposable domain detection, which allows them to perform the check in the background while the subscriber fills out a form on a website. This can be helpful for detecting disposable email addresses in real-time, so the customer does not receive any marketing or other messages from the brand until they remove the temporary email address from their account.

Ideally, an email validation tool would also be able to detect disposable email addresses at the network level as well. This would allow the tool to block the entire domain of a disposable email address, or block individual IPs that are known to be associated with them. This level of protection is especially important for organizations that require their employees to conduct KYC and Know Your Business (KYB) checks. For example, these tools can help companies block disposable email domains that are associated with fraudsters who may be trying to buy stolen credit card information. In such cases, a company’s IT team can block the entire domain and take other measures to protect against these kinds of threats. For more information about how to detect disposable email addresses, contact us today.

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