Warehouse Floor Paint – What Type of Warehouse Floor Coating is Right For Your Project?

Warehouse floors are subjected to a lot of abuse with people, vehicles, pallet jacks and trucks all using them on a daily basis. Bare concrete can only withstand so much wear and tear before it starts to wear away – and that’s why you need a high quality warehouse floor coating to protect your investment. The right flooring solution will be able to withstand heavy traffic whilst also providing a high gloss finish that is easy to keep clean and is chemical and oil resistant.

There are many types of warehouse floor paint available in the market, some more expensive than others. But what you really need to be looking for is a fit for purpose solution for your specific project. If you have a requirement to demarcate safety boundaries then we recommend our warehouse floor marking paint which is specifically designed for the job in hand. Its quick curing and comes in a range of colours that will help you easily identify important areas.

On the other hand if you require a more robust solution for your warehouse floor then we recommend our range of industrial floor paints. These are suitable for most industrial and commercial floor applications including warehouses, line marking, loading docks, packing & shipping areas and public / employee areas. The range includes 100% solids epoxy systems that stand up to abrasion and chemical spillage but also include solvent free / low VOC products such as Elladur SF which is ideal if you need a fast curing system.

Another option for your warehouse floor is a polishing system that is typically more expensive than a standard coat of warehouse floor paint but will last longer and offer a higher level of protection. The process of polishing is carried out on a commercial scale with diamond grit pads to mechanically abrade the surface of the floor. This will create a high lustre shine that will look good and help reduce slips in your warehouse.

If you are looking for something in between these two options then we would recommend a polyurethane warehouse floor coating such as Penntek polyurea coatings. This system will be more expensive than a simple floor paint but will provide an extremely long life and is suitable for most warehousing projects. This system is a bit more forgiving than a concrete polishing system, which means that it can accept slight variations in the substrate such as sand and even minor repairs such as cracks. This system will be ok to walk on immediately after application but heavy traffic and chemicals (including water) should not be used on the surface for 72 hours.

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